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Civic Federation views MWRD budget as “model for long-term financial planning”

Laurence Msall, President of the Civ­ic Federation, addressed the MWRD Board of Commissioners during its Public Hearing on the agency’s ten­tative 2015 budget. The budget is due to take effect Jan. 1. Msall pointed out that the MWRD’s new Strategic Business Plan for FY2015 and beyond provides a poten­tial new revenue source that incorpo­rates state legislation passed in 2014; this legislation allows the MWRD to sell resources like biosolids and phos­phorus recovered through normal treatment processes. Learn more here.


MWRD’s DUMP hotline celebrates silver anniversary

The MWRD celebrated its 125th anniversary in 2014, but that was not the only significant occasion worth commemorating. The MWRD’s 1-800-332-DUMP hot­line was instituted in 1989, and since the 24 hour hotline began operating 25 years ago, thousands of calls have been received and investigated. The hotline was implemented when the MWRD recognized there continued to be violators to the Clean Water Act of 1972. Some companies, businesses and individuals which continued to dump toxic waste into area waterways and sewers rarely faced consequences or penal­ties. It was recognized that public input was needed to stop the violators. Read more here.


MWRD to offer “Green Bonds” to investors for environmentally-friendly projects

The MWRD will become one of the first wastewater treatment agencies in the country to offer a tax-exempt “green bond” offering to investors to fund environmentally-friendly infrastructure projects. Green Bonds were started in 2008 by the World Bank and are dedicated to financing environmentally-related projects. Learn more.


Standard and Poor’s, Fitch Ratings assign AAA ratings to upcoming bond sale, affirms AAA ratings on outstanding bond issues

Global rating agencies Fitch Ratings and Standard and Poor’s (S&P) have assigned AAA ratings for the District’s upcoming bond sale and affirmed AAA ratings on all of the MWRD’s outstanding bond issues. The agencies completed a ratings review at the MWRD’s request. S&P cited the MWRD’s proactive approach to ad­dressing its pension concerns, generous general fund reserves, diverse tax base and the District’s flexibility to control costs as support for the AAA rating. More information.


Acting President McGowan, MWRD partner with Austin Chamber, 15th District Chicago Police Dept. to promote environmentally-friendly holiday decorating

The MWRD joined the Austin Chamber of Commerce’s 10th annual holiday festivities under the leadership of Glenda Bridges and in partnership with Commander Barbara West of the 15th District Chicago Police Department to encourage the use of en­vironmentally-friendly decorating. Learn more.

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