Combined Sewer Overflows

The District has developed a public notification program for combined sewer overflows (CSOs) into the Chicago area waterways in accordance with Special Condition 8.14 of the NPDES Permit for the O'Brien (North Side) WRP, Special Condition 13.14 of the NPDES Permits for the Stickney and Calumet WRPs, and Special Condition 14.12 of the NPDES Permits for the Kirie and Lemont WRPs.

General Information
CSO Notification Plan
CSO Notification Plan Public Comments
Consent Decree
Collection System O&M Manual
CSO Representative Monitoring and Reporting Plans
North Side Area
Stickney Area
Calumet Area
Outfalls Along Waterways
Summary of Activity at Major Pump Stations
Summary of Lake Michigan Reversals
CSO Notification Sign
No Trespassing Sign

Water Conservation:
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Additional Information:
Additional information may be obtained by visiting the websites of the Illinois EPA, or US EPA.
CSO Notification System:
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