Permit Inquiries

Contact the MWRD Local Sewer Systems Section with questions regarding permit applicability, permit application procedure and submittal requirements, related ordinance requirements, etc. by dialing 312.751.3260. You may be asked to submit a sketch, site plan, and/or letter to describe details of the project in order to enable us to properly answer your questions. If permit applicability is not certain, it is recommended that a permit determination letter be obtained prior to starting any construction and risking enforcement action.

The applicant may petition the District (in writing) for a determination.

A hardcopy submittal including a narrative describing the scope of the project, site plan, and any other supporting documentation and exhibits should be addressed to:

Justine Skawski
Engineering Department - Local Sewer Systems Section
Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago
111 East Erie Street, 6th Floor
Chicago, IL 60611-2893

To request a copy of an issued permit from our permit archives, please email our Permit Inquiry Inbox at The email, including a location map of the area in question along with the contact person and phone number, will initiate a search for sewer permits in that area. Please be aware that the MWRD does not issue sewer permits within the City of Chicago unless a direct connection is made to an MWRD intercepting sewer or other facility. Contact the City’s Department of Water Management for such requests.

If your request for information is not for an issued permit, click here.