WMO Permit Application Forms and Fees
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WMO Permit Forms (February 2019)
Minimum Permit Submittal Checklist (184 KB)
Full Permit Application (528 KB)
Permit Cover (155 KB)
General Conditions (56 KB)
Schedule A – Project Information (128 KB)
Schedule B – Sewer Summary (136 KB)
Schedule C – Sewer Connections (59 KB)
Schedule D – Detention & Stormwater Management Facilities - Legacy (409 KB)
Schedule D – Detention & Stormwater Management Facilities - WMO (289 KB)
Schedule E – Lift Station / Force Main (108 KB)
Schedule F – Characteristics of Waste Discharge (262 KB)
Schedule G – Treatment/Pretreatment Facilities (101 KB)
Schedule H – Hazard Areas (Floodplain / Floodway / Riparian Environments) (296 KB)
Schedule J – Affidavit Relative to Compliance with Article 7 (34 KB)
Schedule K - Affidavit of Disclosure of Property Interest (201 KB)
WMO Schedule K Attachment (192 KB)
Schedule L – Notice of Requirements for Stormwater Detention (251 KB)
Schedule O – Outfall, Direct Connection, District Owned or Leased Property (72 KB)
Schedule P – Soil Erosion and Sediment Control (166 KB)
Schedule R – Recording and Maintenance (311 KB)
Schedule W – Wetlands, Buffers, and Riparian Environments (293 KB)
Certification and Signature Pages (59 KB)
Request for Final Inspection (RFI) (78 KB)
Schedule L – Release (100 KB)
Schedule R – Release (100 KB)
Other Permit Types (May 2019)
Notification and Request for Inspection (NRI) (161 KB)
Single Family Home - Special Flood Hazard Area (123 KB)
Facilities Connection Authorization (273 KB)
Earthwork/Foundation Limited Permit (119 KB)
Watershed Management Permit Fees (February 2018)
WMO Permit Fee Schedule (65 KB)
Fee Payment Voucher (355 KB)     Policy (85 KB)
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